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It won’t come as a shock to you to learn I'm not the only Dave, David or Davey Bowers on the planet.

But I am fascinated to learn more about my namesakes and to see how we might be distantly related. So following the trend set by comedian Dave Gorman in the UK – who travelled the world to meet other Dave Gormans for a book – but limited by the lack of a substantial payment from a publisher, I have decided to put together a website about all of us Dave Bowers out there.

So if you're also called Dave Bowers - or any derivatives, we're not Daveyist - I’d be delighted to learn more about you and I’m sure many other Dave Bowers would as well. Sso please feel free to send me details of your life, a family tree if you have one, a picture and some contact details and I’ll put your details on the site.

I’m sure we’ll be amazed by the talent one name possesses.

For the record, I’m a 46-year-old sports journalist who now spends most of his time working in golf PR in Europe. I’m married - to the right woman this time -  and we have three sons between us aged 17, 14 and 14.

I hail from Hampshire, England, and most of my family comes from around that area, or so I’ve been told. I also know I have some romany blood in the family. I’d be delighted to hear from you, so please, don’t be shy…

So if you're a David Bowers - or even just a Bowers in some far flung place - please tell me more about yourself dave@davebowers.co.uk

By the way... the picture above is of the Lake District in the UK and was taken by my chum Steve Bailey. Visit www.stevebaileyphotography.co.uk to see more of his stunning work or to enage him on a commission, again for staggeringly competitive rates. We're nothing if not cheap!